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                Sichuan Changzheng Machine Tool Group Co.., Ltd (short for CCZMT)located in Zigong city, Sichuan,southwest of China,is a professional milling machine/CNC machine builder with 40 years history. CCZMT engages in the designing,developing and anufacturing as well as selling of traditional milling machines,CNC milling Machine/CNC lathe, machining center, CNC gantry milling machine,large specific machines.CCZMT is now one of the backbone enterprise in the machine tool industry in China and plays a leading role in the machine manufacturing technology around the whole country.

                Add: SICHUAN CHANGZHENG MACHINE TOOL GROUP CO., LTD. No.284 Jianshe Road,Gongjing,Zigong, Sichuan China.

                Post Code:643020

                Homepage: /English/main.htm

                TEL:+86-813-3307513 FAX:+86-813-3302489 /3314871


                The series of machining center can do all kinds of machining continuously including milling, drilling, boring and reaming, and is suitable for machining all types of parts of complicate shapes with high accuracy and efficiency, such as, all types of casing, various dies, cam, moulds, parts of the plane and combustion engine
                The Universal Knee-type milling machine is widely used in the machining workshop, with optional accessories as dividing head, rotary table, machine vice, transmission box, boring and facing milling head, milling chuck, etc. its machining scope/capacity greatly enlarged.
                The ETC50 turning center is one of the newly developed electro -mechanical product which has wide applications in machining industry.With superior performance and , reasonable price , the turning center has quite good? cost performance ratio.
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